Department of Internal Affairs Introduces Three Year Licensing

11 April 2018

Societies and Clubs now have the option to apply for a Three Year Licence at the time of their Operator Licence Renewal Date.  Obtaining a three year licence acts as an incentive, encourages continuous improvement and rewards societies and clubs that are demonstrating best practice and compliance.

Best practice is going beyond the legal minimum to achieve effective and efficient ways of maximising benefits provided by class 4 gambling whilst minimising the harm that gambling can cause.

Best practice demonstrates a strong culture of transparent practice and cares for gambling patrons.  It is a practice that can be regarded as an exemplar in the industry relative to the requirements and the characteristics of a business operation.

Benefits with applying for a three year licence:

  • Reputational value from supporting and demonstrating strong practice;
  • Support for robust management practices & systems;
  • An incentive to continue to look for improvements;
  • Increases a collaborative relationship between venues, clubs, service providers and the Department;
  • Ease the administrative burden;
  • Allows the ability for longer-term planning with business partners; and
  • Potential cost savings.

The cornerstone of the three year licence application process is a self-assessment.  Societies and Clubs will need to take a genuine look at their organisation and rate their performance on a four point scale, across five categories.  For further information on how to apply for a three year licence Click Here.

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